Advertise in Canterbury Digest

Advertise in Canterbury Digest

Canterbury Digest is a weekly email publication serving Canterbury residents with a curated collection of the most important, and most interesting, news from the week past. With a specific focus on highlighting local businesses and the work certain individuals do for the community. Our readership consists of Canterbury residents, both young and old, looking to stay up to date with what's going on in our City.


Active Subscribers: <1000

Reader Profile: Canterbury residents and students, often those in the younger demographic looking for a quick summary of news, local information and community updates.

Open / Click Rate: 50% / 25%

Newsletter Frequency: Once weekly, Friday 8am

Slots available: One per issue + classifieds

Pricing and Availability

Each main sponsorship slot is £49, with discounts available for booking in bulk.

This sponsorship covers the headline slot in one of the formats listed on this page. Once you're ready, please click the button below and proceed with your booking.


Format 1 - Text & Image

Contains a square image, a headline and around 40 words. Highlighted in green to break up the newsletter and to draw attention in a subtle way.

Format 2 - Text Only

Contains the green same green box as format 1, with a headline, but without the image. This gives you more space to add text, which can be up to 75 words.

Format 3 - Text Callout

A centred callout box in the same shade of green, with text only. Add up to 75 words in this ad.


Add a classified ad

Beside the main sponsor slot we also offer four (4) short, affordable, text-based classified ads in each newsletter. These are up to 180 characters and cost just £9 per newsletter.

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Why advertise in Canterbury Digest?

Canterbury Digest was made to deliver residents of our city the most important news, interesting stories and events, every week, over their morning cup of tea or coffee. We're a fully independent and self-funded publication that rely on local businesses to support the running of the operation. By sponsoring Canterbury Digest you'll be contributing to keeping our community updated and informed.

Do I have to call someone to book my ad?

Nope. You can book your ad directly using the forms on this page. Once you book the ad, you'll receive an email with a payment link and any questions we might have on your ad. No need to call us!

Who will see my ad?

The newsletter goes out every Friday at 8am to our audience of Canterbury locals. On Tuesday morning, we'll send you a report of how the newsletter has performed, and how many people will have likely seen your ad. If you'd like to track performance further for conversions, we'd recommend making a custom or trackable URL.

Can I make changes once I've submitted?

Of course! We understand you might want to make some tweaks to your text or the link might be wrong. Once you've booked, you can email us to change your ad up to 24 hours before the newsletter is sent out.